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About us - Elegance by Asma

Where timeless sophistication meets contemporary style, offering bespoke clothing made to measure with a two-week turnaround for the ultimate personalised experience.



About Asma

My childhood passion for fashion and my ambition to make this my life’s work. I started making my dolls dresses and finally mastered on our manual singer sewing machine.

I was always in need for materials in desperate situations I had to cut a curtain to make my new dress! I found a live model my younger sister, I not only made and styled her clothes but trialled my scissor work further by giving her haircuts which made my mother unhappy!

Asma & Family
Asma & Family


About Asma

I studied at The College of Home Economics (now known as FCS family consumer sciences USA ) and attained a bachelor of sciences degree B.Sc. in 1974. My subjects included learning about clothing and textiles with related arts, housing and interior design, food and nutrition, human development, personal and family finances, consumer issues and more.

This course was hard work, and taught me dedication, creativity and innovative thinking. I became resilient to stand for long hours to unflinching critiques and pressure.

In 1979 I became a self employed seamstress when sara was born. I was lucky and was in demand and had to employ two machinists while I remained as a cutter, designer, buyer and worked with diverse clientele from home.

I relocated to Karachi Pakistan for 5 years. During this time I created Elegance Boutique a bespoke unique shop. We moved back to the UK in the late 80’s and I continued with the clothes business until 2007 when I created a childcare day nursery. I have now left this business to Sara to run and am back to focusing on my clothes passion.


Mashahallah beautiful collection and in reasonable prices. My whole family, including my daughters and buho purchased selected suits and jewellery from Elegance of Asma. 

All the best for Eid sale 

May Allah shower all the blessings on your business. Ameen 

Mrs Tehseen Jeelani

I bought an outfit from Elegance by Asma and wore it for my granddaughter's mehndi. Everyone loved it. Asma's clothes are exclusive and beautiful.

Mrs Adila Quadri

I would like to commend Asma & family for quality of their clothing & jewellery items. They are efficient & professional in the way they conduct themselves. Thank you.

Yasmin Atiq

I am very pleased with the service, especially the designer Asma. It is amazing that the customer service is very personalised, bought a few clothes, I am extremely happy with the materials, and the designs would recommend highly. All praises 👍🏻


Elegance by Asma I am so so happy to have my ‘ChowHashia Saree Kurti’ set. I think price was reasonable too. Material was good too.

Fatma Khalid

I have shopped many times at Elegance by Asma.  

Asmas fashion aims to suit all ages and sizes. 

Asma will go out of her way to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase, and if it doesn't fit, she will make it to your size.  

The prices are very reasonable as well.   

Asma is a very kind and generous lady, and it is a privilege to have got to know her. 

Come and have a look, you may find something you like in her shop and can't resist buying it! 

A very satisfied customer. 


About Elegance by Asma

Believe it or not, success in fashion is sometimes all about being in the right place at the right time! I opened up my boutique Elegance in Clifton Karachi Pakistan in 1983.

This elite area did not have a single boutique at that time. I had a team of 3 cutters ,20 machinists, embroidery machinists block printers and hand embroidery workers. We did well for a few years then my customers became boutique owners.

Thankfully new departmental stores were opening in the city. I became a small scale supplier to these stores.

We came back to London after 5 years. I continued sewing and supplying to a couple of shops. It was not lucrative.

I decided to start a daycare nursery with Sara. She is running my nursery since 2023 I just couldn’t resist going back to my passion for fashion started Elegance by Asma in my garden house.

My job is to analyse or predict trends in fabric, colour and shapes. This needs research, I also believe in a fashion cycle of 30 years. I work as a freelancer and offer my services online and offer consulting services.

I have a team of designers qualified B.Sc college of Home Economics and bespoke tailors, embroiders and other craftsmen in Pakistan. They make my design samples and deliver my customer orders within 2 weeks.

My team is exceptional you can’t find fault in their workmanship. Breaking into the industry is hard but not extremely so. Me and my team have an eye for detail.

I have held charity events last year which included coffee morning, ladies music night, ladies beauty pamper, fashion shows, mocktail parties, healthy cooking demonstrations, music and dinner party. I participate in exhibitions and set up pop up stalls.

I am passionate about expanding my clientele base through working with diverse people to create products that meet their needs and personalities. Keeping in mind that the design inspires and empowers you. You mustn’t change to fit the fashion but change the design to fit you.

We buy fashion and style it without stress the joy of dressing is an art. Through research I learnt about diamonds in my garden I had 200 years old ancestral formal dresses! These clothes tell stories of our culture and heritage.

Tradition is passed on. I passed it on to my children. The way forward

Elegance by Asma Women's Clothing
Asma & Family
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Elegance by Asma Women's Clothing
Elegance by Asma Women's Clothing
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Asma & Family
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Elegance by Asma Design
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Elegance By Asma Collections
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